“Football teaches you hard work.
It takes a lot of unspectacular
preparation to have spectacular
results in both business
and football.”

– Roger Staubach –



We assemble all of our modules in-house.

The machine is built as much as possible using standardized parts which can be bought on the free market, in order to make it easier to find spare parts when repair is required in a further future.

As soon as the mechanical parts of the packaging unit are finished, we upload the necessary software for the machine and make an extended test run in the presence of the customer for the final approve of the packaging unit or production line. After that, it is time to implement the unit into the customer’s company.

Our team of skilled technicians and project leaders will take care of that task. They get the system into place while paying respect to all safety rules and assuring that the machine works exactly like the earlier tests were showing.

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