Fully integration of hot melt machines.

Avercon has developed a method to fully integrate hot melt machines that usually have their own control in the automation concept of packaging machines. This ensures the entire control can take place from the machine’s HMI and parameters can also be changed from production planning or other Manufacturing Execution Systems.

The integration of the hot melt machine in de machine control entails a number of specific benefits. The bottom line is that the operators no longer have to operate the hot melt machine themselves separately. All parameters and settings can be consulted and changed from the main screen of the packaging machine.

The largest benefit is, however, the fact that the parameters can also be changed automatically due to the integration. Settings such as the pressure, temperature and pulses are also included in the recipe structure so that the machine control can automatically send the required settings to the hot melt machine during a changeover to another product.

The integration also entails that diagnostics and error messages are included in the HMI of the packaging machine. This means that the hot melt machine becomes a component as all the others where the intelligence in de packaging machine guarantees optimum operation.

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