Avercon case erector CE 721 for Fefco 0201 cases also know as American styled box or Regular Slotted Cases (RSC)

Case erector designed for closing of cases with hotmelt and tape

  • Capacity: up to 20 cases/min. or more
  • Compact footprint
  • Large blank magazine: 1200 mm of stacked boxes
  • Ergonomic height of magazine and easy accessible
  • In line lay-out, magazine and out feed of erected cases in line
    and therefore easy to integrate in multiple production lines
  • System to ensure perfectly square case bottom
  • Fast and easy changeover (optional: automatic changeover)
  • Bottom flaps of box sealed with hotmelt glue or with tape
  • Premium components as Siemens PLC, Sick sensors, Nordson hotmelt, Festo pneumatics
  • Optional: erecting of Fefco 0200 and Fefco 0202 cases

Case Erector


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Avercon Realisations

hotmelt case erector

hotmelt case erector

fefco 0201 with assymetric topflaps

fefco 0201 wiht assymetric topflaps

case standard case erector

case erector 20 boxes/min.

RSC-fefco 0201-American styled box

RSC-fefco 0201 2

avercon case erector, 20 boxes/min

avercon case erector

tall boxes

tall boxes

high capacity blank magazine

high capacity blank magazine