Profile Jumper

Profile Jumper – PJ-80-S/D


  • Designed to produce intermitting profiles with extreme precision
  • Used for a variety of applications: laminate floor planks, luxury vinyl tiles, wooden furniture panels, etc…
  • Provides optimal control of profile shape and depth in function of variable line speed
  • Separate control unit and integrated safety
  • A robust linear carriage for high efficiency at continuous operation
  • Compact design and mounting flexibility allows easy integration in the existing process
  • Long-life trouble-free operation
  • Smooth installation and start-up by experienced technicians

Data sheet milling

  • Speeds up to 80m/min*
  • Compact design: width < 290 mm
  • Adjustable intermission length and position
  • Integrated panel position detection
  • No minimum panel gap required
  • Technical installation document available on request

* Higher speeds available on request


  • Intermediate X-Z carriage, attached to existing support
  • Stand-alone support with intermediate X-Z carriage


  • PJ-80-S, single execution
  • PJ-80-D, double execution


Mounting variants

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