Your automation solution is only 4 steps away, learn all about it! 

Avercon delivers industrial automation solutions. That means when you contact us for a tailored machine or robotisation, our team makes sure it does everything you ask for. Get ready to discover how your ideas are turned into a perfect (automation) solution. Let’s take a closer look at our 4-step plan in this blog!

Avercon’s 4-step plan:

At Avercon, we understand that every business has unique needs and requirements when it comes to automation. Avercon thinks with you in terms of business development, productivity, innovation and sustainability. The company is known for its smart engineering approach and its ability to make high-performance machines. That`s why we developed a 4-step plan. We are ready to guide you.


In the world of machine building, the ability to turn ideas into reality is key. The ‘possibilities1’ and the ‘products2’ are endless when it comes to designing and building machines.

The creative approach is similar regardless the product. We have a multi-disciplinary team of engineers to listen and to brainstorm together. Ideas will flow and grow.

We support our clients from the ideation phase to the design & engineering process, it is a collaborative process. By involving our clients, we’re able to build a stronger foundation for their project.

As we design and engineer machines in-house, it allows us to “play” fast. Automation requires sometimes to iterate designs rapidly and make changes when needed. We take pride in our ability to work quickly and efficiently, while delivering high-quality results.

1 Possibilities like manipulating (aligning, turning, stacking, inspecting, buffering, counting, weighing, pick and place, cutting and creasing, camera integrating, tray erector, tray loader, strip inserter, conveyer, vacuum gripper, box closer, wrap around etc.), robotizing, transporting, packaging, palletizing, pallet handling.

2 Products like wooden and vinyl floors, batteries, smartphones, music instruments, (big) e-commerce items, cupboards, shelves, metal parts, flowers, or food related such as cheese, bread, waffles, chocolate, milk, biscuits or any other product.


The concept stage is a crucial stage in the development of a new machine. It is the stage where the ideas generated previously are refined and developed into a well-defined concept.

Our team of top engineers, such as concept engineers, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers brainstorm together and develop a customized plan that outlines the design, development and the production. We ensure that every aspect of the machine is considered.

It might sound like a challenging task, but for Avercon it is routine. We maintain an open communication with our clients. We take care of the project, from planning to delivery, ensuring that you can focus on your core business activities.


After finalizing the machine concept, the process of engineering can begin. This process involves using 3D technology to create a digital prototype that visualize every aspect of the machine. It is also possible to make a virtual model, that simulates every action, using virtual reality technology (digital twin, plant simulation). This provides valuable insights into the machine design, allowing to adjust, test, improve, remove and add elements if required.

The digital creation process gives you a comprehensive insight in your automation solution, production line or customized machine. One of the significant advantages of the digital prototype is that it can identify possible issues in the machine design. The issues – speed, productivity, process – can be solved in advance,. In this way the machine solution is primed for seamless execution and designed specifically to meet the business’s requirements. It reduces the execution time, material and labor cost associated with traditional manufacturing methods.

The digital manufacturing process allows also for a more environmentally friendly approach for automation by minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption.


The final step involves bringing your machine to life. All components are manufactured in-house and can now be assembled to a fully operational system at Avercon`s factory. Only after common approval the machine receives ‘green light’ for deployment in your company. Avercon provides support and maintenance-aid to keep your machine up and running.

At Avercon, we’re more than just a machine builder. We are your partner in innovation & automation, and we are here to bring ideas to life. Are you ready to take the next step in your business, let’s work together to make it happen.


Feeling inspired? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. 

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