The power of Avercon

Avercon has grown into a worldwide professional in innovative machines in food and non-food markets. No sky is the limit, specialisation is our standard!


1986: Avercon was established in 1986 by Robert Van den Bunder and operated in “Automation, Packaging & Building” (Automatisatie, Verpakking en Constructie). At the time the company built mainly packaging machines for packaging in corrugated cardboard and was associated with producer Bowater, later called SCA Packaging, currently DS Smith.
1992: Development and implementation of the first side-loaders for A-boxes and wrap-around machines.
: First machine was built fully equipped with servo motors. Gradually Avercon`s expertise grew internationally, though maintaining the focus on prototype construction and customer-specific machines.
2001: New owner at Avercon: Pierre Vanderbeke. Avercon`s expertise grew further from “simple” machines, such as tray erectors and packaging in A-boxes, to more “complex” machines and complete production lines, such as assembling, handling, packaging, palletising, wrap around machines. Avercon became a worldwide professional in innovative machines in several markets such as laminate and vinyl flooring, metal parts, batteries, oil bottles, printing sheets, telephone parts, shoes, cheese, milk products, chocolate, biscuits, bread… small and large products.
2009: Integration of robots Fanuc, ABB and Kuka. Avercon has a leader position of manufacturing sustainable machines with its own true experts in the field of engineering, automation, motion and robotics
2011: First machine for the e-commerce market. Recognised as innovation partner in industrial automation, Avercon invests in R&D and makes more production lines – from product handling to case packing to end-of-line to shipping.
2017: Product development of the revolutionary X7 together with Packsize: first machine to give e-commerce companies the ability to reliably package and ship right-sized single-item orders. Avercon makes the machines in series.
2018: First Strip Inserter by Avercon. Innovative automation for the flooring industry.
2019: Implementation of the software Digital Twin in the engineering phase of projects, a great added value towards a more efficient and sustainable manufacturing process. Thanks to the Digital Twin we increase reliability, reduce risks and improve performance.
2023: First XL Packaging machine for the e-commerce: multiple products are packed in several right-sized XL boxes right on time.

Philosophy & mission

Avercon focuses on machine solutions in which we can achieve proper added value for you. With smart automation we aim for the win win situation for you. Based on our knowledge and expertise, we know perfectly well which optimisation processes are smart strategically and what is feasible technically. We can therefore link new innovative ideas to proven concepts and best practices to arrive at high-performance total solutions.

Avercon`s mission is to move your business forward with state-of-the-art, reliable, high-performance machine solutions. Goals are set on flexible production – shape, speed, space -, higher throughput, less manual labor, healthy ROI and sustainable automation, where quality, reliability and operational security have the highest priority.

Tailor-made innovation

Tailor-made comes as standard at Avercon. Every project is different and has its own specific challenges. Avercon knows the strategic approach for your project and knows which system- and product variable parameters must be taken into account. Flexibility is an essential element taken into account. Irrespective of whether this involves a new machine, a refurbished machine, a serial production or a new production line. A machine always must be integrated into existing systems and must communicate with existing controls and software packages.

Tailor-made also means taking the specific requirements of your products into account, in relation to assembling, handling and packaging. Think of on-time-delivery, consistent production flow, no product damages, easy opening, easy reclosing, less labour, customized packaging & printing, higher output, automatic product scanning, automatic shipping labelling and retour label applying, customized leaflet inserting, easy maintenance, etc. Our four-step plan focuses on optimal collaboration so that goals are formulated clearly and are aligned with your specific requirements and preferences. We let your goals automatically flow into results, your own tailor-made innovation succes.




At Avercon, sustainability is an essential part of everything that we do. We work with energy-efficient components and concepts to have processes run sustainably and efficiently. The highest safety requirements are taken into consideration to work safe and continuously. Our machines are built as much as possible using standard parts which can be found on the free market, in order to make it easy to find spare parts and to provide a carefree maintenance-plan. Related to packaging machines, we have extensive experience in the handling and processing of recycled and recyclable materials. We also make it possible to save on packaging material and the space that packages take up during storage and transport by deploying flexible packaging machines.

Economic sustainability

The machines that Avercon develops and builds for you have the objective of optimising production processes while making them more efficient. We do not see automation as an objective in itself, but as deploying technologies to reduce labour costs, optimise the workflow, decrease the risk of production interruptions and increase production capacity.

Smart automation combines quality, speed and safety with creating a pleasant and stimulating working environment.

Thinking about innovative future-proof machines? Think Avercon!

Avercon focuses on machine solutions
in which they can achieve proper added value for you, based on their

extensive know-how and experience.
Curious? Challenge us!


Never a dull day – this is still the best way to describe Avercon’s working environment. Routine is an exception and the exception is the routine. Accepting new challenges and the satisfaction of delivering on what initially seemed impossible. This is what motivates us each and every day to stay at the top as a machine builder. Through the years, Avercon has grown to become a great team of sixty specialists from various disciplines that comes up with and delivers total machine solutions for a continuously broader range of industrial packaging and production lines.

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