Avercon’s key points

Our company designs, constructs and installs total machine solutions in-house: (part of) production lines, advanced machines, packaging machines. Any specialised and customised machine you need, we make it. Quality, reliability and operational security have the highest priority.

Production lines

From handling components, assembling products to the quality control and packaging: you can rely on Avercon for the automation of specific production steps or to the engineering & building of entire production lines. Irrespective of whether this involves delicate products – food or non-food, specific retrofit challenges related to speed or throughput or simply the ambition to arrive at a reliable and streamlined production: Avercon builds solutions that meet your requirements and preferences.

Customized machines

Our experience with motion and mechatronics moves forward so much more than just packaging machines. The moment the handling of your products entails specific challenges, Avercon is a reliable partner to improve your business development. Avercon’s know-how and experience offer possible solutions to remove the bottlenecks in your production (line) and automate labour-intensive steps completely or partly. Every project is different with its own goals and challenges. Our focus on future-proof engineering ensures we develop and build tailer-made machines that can grow with your company and the market in which you operate.

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Packaging machines

Although our solutions today have a much broader scope, some people in the sector still associate Avercon as the expert in casepackers – packaging machines. We are proud of our roots and continue to build further on the expertise that we have in packaging to always develop and build new, high-performance and state-of-the-art automation solutions. Regardless of your product and irrespective of how flexible your production system must be and which additional requirements you see, with Avercon you will be starting the journey with a specialist in packaging innovation technology.

Automation experts

Decades of engineering in packaging machines, custom machines & production lines, have challenged us to always stay on top of the industrial automation technologies.

This experience makes us a true partner for you in the field of engineering, automation, motion and robotics. Avercon provides engineering expertise separately when needed. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers is ready to assist you to optimize performance!  Avercon supports you to optimise your business development in the field of:


  • Industrial Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • PLC Programming
  • Industrial IT
  • Prototyping
  • Retrofitting – Revamping – Refurbishment
  • Electrical Engineering – EPLAN certified
  • Consultancy: Safety, Digital Twin, Sustainability

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“This new packaging line allows us to organize our operations in such a way we even can eliminate our weekend shifts!”

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