High-performance total solutions

At Avercon, we produce advanced machines for the handling and packaging of products.

Together with you, our customers, we develop and build creative and innovative solutions. As no other, you know your product and the challenges based on which an answer needs to be formulated. We have the know-how and experience to translate your requirements and preferences into a sustainable high-performance total solution.

We go a step further in relation to each project in what is feasible technically and we integrate fresh ideas and solutions for new, exciting and complex challenges. The machines of Avercon give you a lead in productivity, flexibility and cost efficiency.

Newsflash: “Avercon’s expertise in Digital Twin.”

Best practices in machine building

Although each project is different and our mission is to always achieve new and the best innovative solutions, our approach is embedded in a carefully expanded machine building expertise. Quality, reliability and operational security have the highest priority. The experience we have built up in relation to the realisation of hundreds of projects in very many different sectors offers us a rich collection of best practices that allow us to create new and innovative solutions with respect for tried and tested concepts and technologies.

Our 4-step plan to a high-performance total solution

It all starts with an idea.

We listen to your story, preferences, requirements and the challenge you want to surmount. With your know-how about your products and business and our 35 years of experience in machine building, we allow ideas to flow to brainstorm about what is technically possible to achieve your project. The design and engineering is done in-house which allows us to “play” fast.

Shaping the concept.

This abundance of ideas is then used in the next step when we distill a specific machine concept with clearly identified goals. Our best engineers – mechanical & electronical & IT – are supporting you to get the best result. We continue communicating with you to ensure that the new solution meets your expectations in every way.

Making it.

Once the machine concept has been determined, the digital make process starts. Where what started as an idea, will become visible for the first time: all actions can be simulated and visualised – even in a virtually reality – which leads to additional insights and preferences, elements can still be added or removed. The total solution will now become very specific and ready for fluent realisation.

Move your business forward.

The last step is the realisation and implementation of your machine. All components are assembled in-house to produce a fully operational system in our own workshop. The software will have been written by us. The machine will be extensively tested and documented. Until the day on which the system is given the definitive “go” at your company to put into practice the proposed goals with the required care and service.

Smart automation creates for you the optimal production flow and combines quality, speed and safety  with creating a pleasant and stimulating working environment. Avercon creates a win win situation.”

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