Each product its own custom box – the ultimate e-commerce solution.

At Avercon, going for efficient and mostly automated product change-overs is one of the key elements in designing and building new machines. But what if the batch size becomes one? With the revolutionary X7 Avercon developed one packaging machine for the e-commerce sector that makes a right-sized, custom box for each and every custom product that gets shipped.

“One machine makes unlimited correctly sized boxes per product randomly inserted into the machine.”

For players in the e-commerce sector, the X7 comes as easy as it gets: a new product arriving on a conveyor gets scanned to determine its measurements and the machine automatically makes a right-sized box and packages the product.

For Avercon, designing and building the X7 was somewhat less easy. Making a custom box for every product basically means the machine is constantly adapting which requires a highly sophisticated coordination between more than 50 servo drives. Adding to the challenge is the fact that the machine uses endless Z-fold carton leading to folds that should be ignored when forming the boxes. This is once again achieved with precise mechatronics using specially designed grippers to make sure that the carton gets folded in the right places.



X7, a fully automated solution with a capacity of 1020 custom-made boxes per hour.

To develop this high-end machine Avercon used special tools like Digital Twin and FMECA (Failure Mode Effect & Criticality Analysis) to make sure that a high performance could be achieved and that all possible use cases could be fully tested. The result is a fully automated machine solution:

  • with a capacity of 1020 custom-made boxes per hour.
  • in 3,5 seconds, the machine can form, pack, label and ship individual boxes
  • 30% faster than equivalent machine systems,
  • 8 to 10 times faster than a human being,
  • up to 40% more efficient packaging,
  • saving in transportation costs of over 20%,
  • integrating machine management & reporting software ànd support.



For Avercon, the X7 is the ultimate showcase of its vast experience and know-how in mechatronics and automation with all aspects of high-end machine building coming together to develop this world class solution that is used by demanding players in e-commerce all over the world.

The X7 is designed as a standardized solution for the global market with a range of options to tailor specific customer needs:

  • Labelling
  • 6 side barcode scanning with multiple cameras
  • Product weighing at in- and outfeed
  • An automatic document feeder to insert printed documents and leaflets.

To further assurre low-maintenance operations  all over the world, all components are sourced with leading global brands like SICK, Festo and Siemens. The user interface of the machine is also designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, specifically to serve a global audience with different backgrounds in regards to automation.

Avercon received an Award for this achievement.

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