Lift it up. Switch cabinets at the top!

A new concept that Avercon has applied in some machines is positioning the switch cabinets at the top of the machine. This not only saves on space, but the machine becomes safer and a lot more easily accessible.

The cabinets with electric components and controls usually take up a lot of room in a machine. Intelligent functions in visualisation and diagnostics, however, ensure that engineers can perform most tasks from the HMI screens and barely have to access the switch cabinets themselves anymore.

By positioning the cabinets at the top, quite some benefits can be realised:

  • The surface area of the machine becomes smaller when compared to the set-ups in which the cabinets are located next to the machine.
  • It is much easier to access the machine and doors can be supplied alongside all sides with the request mechanism.
  • The machine not only becomes more attractive visually, but operators also have a better overview of what is going on in relation to the machine.
  • You can ensure from the cabinets at the top that there is better lighting in the machine and clearer signalisation with separate status alerts for the different components of the machine.

One of the examples where this concept was used is the packaging machine that Avercon built for an international battery manufacture.

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