Premium packaging for premium battery product.

A premium product – that needs premium packaging and a machine that can handle the packaging with extremely high care so that it is not damaged. For an international battery manufacturer, Avercon built a machine that carefully packages primary hanging boxes with Eurolog-system in boxes at a speed of 250 items per minute.

For the company’s latest premium battery type, the battery manufacturer developed a sophisticated hanging box with Eurolog-system that folds open like a book and is kept closed with a lock. When packaging these boxes in outer boxes, they are each turned over in turn and stacked in such a way that the overhanging Euro locks rest on the previous box. This ensures the secondary packaging is filled to a maximum level and the primary boxes cannot be deformed or damaged when being transported.

The boxes are separated by using an up-side down hanging magnetic conveyer. With this solution a damage free and high capacity separation is achieved.


The packaging machine itself is also a premium product with regard to many other things

  • The machine can process several box formats and the changeover is fully automatically.
  • Erecting the boxes takes place in a continuous movement, which contributes to a high throughput of the machine.
  • The switch cabinets can be found at the top and this makes the machine more easily accessible and operators have a better overview of the active processes in the machine.
  • The machine has a modern user interface where operators and maintenance engineer can continue to click from graphic overview screens to more detailed screens so that full diagnostics up to a sensor level is possible from the HMI.
  • Due to full integration of the hot melt machine in the machine control, it can also be completely managed and operated as from the HMI.



With a speed of 250 packs per minute, this machine proves that the choice for advanced premium packaging leads to no limitations regarding productivity. On the contrary!

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