Adaptable line for large size flatpacks. Up to XXL!

For the creation of flatpacks Avercon built a highly adaptable packaging line that can automatically switch between different formats of boxes. Large formats – that is – ranging from 1200 to 2400 mm in length.

The company for which this line was built, packs goods (steel profiles) that have to be assembled by its customers in flatpacks in order to make them compact for transportation. What makes this line special, is the size of the boxes. The smallest are 1200 x 300 x 100 mm. The largest are 2400 x 800 x 100 mm.

The tray erecting machine at the start of the line automatically switches to the size chosen by the operator. The trays are placed on a conveyor where operators add all the product components to the boxes. At the end of the line, covers are automatically formed and placed on the trays. Every box then gets a large branding label corresponding with the packaged product and a smaller label containing an individual identification. From there an automated palletizing machine takes over to make the packages ready for storage and shipment.

Over the years Avercon has built machines for packages in all shapes and sizes but the large formats used here, are still relatively unique. On top of that, the packaging line got adapted to the limited available floor space. Different possibilities got examined using a plant simulation software in order to get a super efficient product flow, including the handover to the existing palletizer. The result is a reliable packaging line that can serve a broad range of products – now and in the future.


Production line with products up to XXL size!
From 1200x300x100mm up to 2400x800x100mm

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