Quick automatic changeover for the oil bottle packaging line.

In order to cater flexiblity for the requirements of customers, a pertochemical company consulted Avercon to build a packaging line where the changeover time could be the absolute minimum. The company can now run smaller series and offer more variations in secondary packaging without having to concede on productivity. On the contrary.

The petrochemical company produces engine oil that is put in 1, 4 and 5 litre bottles. Traditionally, these bottles are packed in boxes with 4 or 12 bottles. The company, however, was asked more and more often for smaller packs – a trend that will only increase in the future due to the transition to electric vehicles. At the same time, the number of product variations is continuously increasing.

To cater for this, the company wanted a new flexible packaging line in which the changeover times were limited to the absolute minimum so that product changes can be implemented basically on the fly. Avercon ensured all changeover components are designed in such a way that the switchover to another format or pack pattern can take place completely through the software.

There are three robots in the machine that guarantee that the pack patterns are achieved. They are equipped with a universal tool that can deal with the different bottle formats. The robots work together smartly and in a synchronised manner to move bottles on the conveyor until the required pattern is achieved.

The machine also has two carton magazines that are automatically changed during the changeover to a new product. Operators can therefor prepare the next production line offline without havind the machine be idle.


The result is a high-performance machine that can process 120 bottles per minute with continuously changing products. This allows the petrochemical company to reduce stock, save on space and cater faster for the demands of customers.

This extremely flexible packaging line allows to reduce stock, save on space and cater faster for the demands of their customers.

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