Amazing order processing in e-commerce for smartphone cases.

With several ten thousands of products for sale, order fulfillment is a challenging task at the Dutch webshop, especially on moments like Black Friday and the holiday season, when sales are peaking. Avercon built a semi-automated packaging line that combines high flexibility with high throughput, while also eliminating most sources of possible errors. is a successful e-commerce company offering cases and other accessories for smartphones. When order pickers have gathered batches of products for shipment they bring their carts to the packing area where the goods are put into boxes. Avercon built an automation line around the workstations to support the operators by automating processes that were previously done manually.

At the start of the line, boxes are formed automatically and put on one of two conveyors, depending on their size. At this stage a unique ID gets printed on each box. At the workstations operators pick a box of the fitting size from the conveyors, put the products of an order in it and scan both the box and the products to link the box to the order. Further down the line several feeders automatically add one or more leaflets to the boxes, depending on the market of the customer. At the end of the line each box gets glued and closed, and a shipment label is applied, based in the ID printed on the box.

“This new packaging line allows us to organize our operations in such a way we even can eliminate our weekend shifts!”

For the e-commerce company this solution greatly improves the productivity of the operators, allowing them to easily cope with peak moments without having to rely on temporary extra staff. The line let the operators do what they do best – judging how to optimally pack the products, while leaving all other tasks to the automated parts of the line. The result is a significantly increased throughput, while also eliminating most sources of possible errors because the leaflets no longer have to be picked manually.


This automation project not only got tailored to the company’s current needs, but also sets it up for future growth. While focusses on new products and customer experience, the collaboration with Avercon assures flawless execution in the warehouse.

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