From carpet tile to full pallet. Ready to ship!

Amongst other successful product ranges, The Danish company Ege Carpets is one of the world leaders in the production of custom-designed carpet tiles. Avercon built a packaging line to automate the quality inspection and packaging of these tiles, which are made in small to medium sized batches.
Ege Carpets uses a large 12-colour dyeing machine to print custom-designed carpets which are then punched in tiles or planks. Demand for these products has been increasing year over year as it offers designers in building projects near unlimited possibilities to create exciting branding experiences.

Avercon used its experience in the handling of flooring products and carpets to create an efficient packaging line that’s also adapted to the need for frequent product changes. As the demand for more customization of products is leading to smaller batch sizes in many industries, Avercon has developed technologies to increase the flexibility of production lines and reduce the time needed for change overs.


When the tiles leave the punching machines, an operator checks the products for possible defects. When a product doesn’t match the required quality standards an integrated reject system in the conveyor takes it out of the main line.

At the end of the quality control unit a pick & place unit takes the tiles and feeds them to a turning device custom designed grippers assure reliable operations without damaging the products. The turning device switches over every odd tile, so they end up being stacked pile to pile before being transported to a wrap around case packing machine.

At the end of the packaging line Avercon integrated a robot palletizing unit where the robot places the boxes on pallets while also adding pallet interlayers to increase the stability. A pallet wrapping machine finishes the process, leaving full pallets ready to be picked up by an AGV for transportation to the warehouse.

30 sec

To facilitate fast change overs between batches, the wrap around machine has two magazines with corrugate blanks. Thanks to this setup operators can fully prepare the next batch while a current one is running, needing only half a minute to switch from one box dimension to another.

For Ege Carpets, the packaging line means that all processes around the dyeing machine have been speeded up, increasing the overall production capacity. This is done with limited changeover times between batches while also assurng excellent product quality. The line has played an important role in securing the fulfillment of ever increasing demand, which has contributed to the success story of custom-designed carpet tiles.

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