Avercon was founded in 1986 and started as a company that designed and constructed rather simple machines as its core activity.

Through the years we specialized ourselves in the engineering and construction of more complex customized (packaging-) machines for customers in numerous sectors worldwide.

In all of our projects we take care of the design, construction and assembly of the mechanical parts of the machines. Also the electrical engineering and software is done in house .

We provide a variety of standard packaging solutions such as case erectors, traymakers, casepackers and lid applicators, which are adjusted according to the requirements of our customers.

We also develop more advanced customized systems in close cooperation with the future users.

It is our ambition to establish continuous growth and obtain the leading position in the design, construction of reliable customized automation for the manipulation of products.

With a skilled team of more than 45 driven employees we work hard every day to reach and maintain our objectives and offer top quality solutions to our customers all over the world (Europe, North and South America, Asia…).