From Chocolate case packer to total automated solution. Inspired by limitations!

When Manufacture “Belge de Chocolats”, the company behind the famous chocolate brand Godiva, asked Avercon for a new case packer, it became the start of an inspiring project in which many aspects surrounding the existing machine got rethought to end up with a modernized, fully integrated future-proof packaging line. The packaging line consists of refurbished and new machines to provide the right automated solution taking into account the available space, a realistic sustainable approach and budget.

The challenge the company faced when looking for a solution to automate the case packing of its products, is one that often occurs in production facilities: the very limited available space between building structures and existing machinery. This limitation can require to make concessions, ultimately leading to a less optimal solution. Or it can be used as an inspiration to question and rethink what’s causing the limitations.

“Avercon’s innovative way of working took some time to get used to. Being challenged like that was quite new to us.”

The latter is what Manufacture “Belge de Chocolats” and Avercon did. Both companies brought their insights and expertise together to take a second look at various aspects such as the internal logistics and even the packaging itself. From this fresh perspective, a new case packer was developed and combined with both existing and new machinery to form a new packaging line including palletizing. A new software platform developed by Avercon integrates all elements of the line, assuring smooth and seamless operations.

The project resulted in the creation of a high-performance packaging line, nicely fitted in the available space on the first floor of the building. A good preparation of the installation made it possible to build the line without interrupting the production. Rethinking the packaging also led to a 40% reduction in packaging materials. On top of that, people who were responsible for manually packaging the products saw their job content upgraded to more meaningful and challenging activities. Taking a broader look definitely has its benefits!


Rethinking the packaging also led to a 40% reduction in packaging materials.

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